This is my personal website. It is mostly a collection of blog posts, articles, and essays on religious, cultural, and political topics. I am interested in the practical application of theology rather than theoretical discussions, although not everything here will be explicitly theological.

Like many others, my ideology has been profoundly shaped by my education. I spent my undergraduate years at New York University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies). It was a secular program, and so religious issues were approached from a functionally atheistic perspective, evaluated through anthropological, sociological, and philosophical lenses. I spent most of my time as a religious (and political) outsider–virtually everyone on campus was non-Christian. I had to actively seek out Christian fellowship, and I have fond memories of the Newman Club, Reformed University Fellowship, the All University Gospel Choir, and the Veritas Forum. It was through a friend at RUF that I began attending Timothy Keller’s church, and I credit Redeemer’s ministry with forming many of my theological views.

In 2015, I finished a Master of Arts at Reformed Theological Seminary. Unlike my undergraduate experience, this was my first time studying Christianity in an academic context where every student and professor believed the Scriptures are accurate and authoritative. Whenever possible, I studied and wrote about subjects that were relevant to the concerns of local Christians I knew or the church in America broadly. My final paper addressed pastoral approaches to Old Testament holy war.

I was born in London, but sadly, I have since lost my British accent. I am also half-Chinese.

I am happily married and have three wonderful children.